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With over 20 years of combined experience as a police officer and attorney, Matt Young is dedicated to helping clients with wrongful death, auto accident, and slip and fall cases.

What Makes Us Special?


Matt’s background in law enforcement brings a unique perspective to your case, helping uncover details that others might miss.


Our team’s passion for helping clients and enforcing justice, coupled with our unique backgrounds, helps us to serve you best.


Being a smaller firm we carry fewer clients, offering a personal touch and direct lawyer access that larger firms can not match.


Our goal is clear: we always aim to maximize your settlement amount and ensure that you get fairly compensated for your injury.

Results & Experience


$ Recovered For Clients 

Years of Experience in Law Enforcement and Civil Litigation

What We Specialize In

At Matt Young Law, P.C., we specialize in advocating for those affected by personal injuries, ensuring detailed attention and prioritized care for each case.

Our expertise spans across handling complex claims related to auto accidents, slip and fall incidents and wrongful death cases.

Personal Injury

Injuries sustained from incidents in which another party’s actions or negligence played a role. Victims may seek compensation for their physical and emotional suffering.

Slip and Fall

Accidents occurring on property due to hazardous conditions like wet floors or uneven surfaces, due to a property owner’s negligence.

Auto Accidents

Vehicle collisions that cause physical damage and personal injuries necessitating legal assistance to recover compensatory damages.

Wrongful Death

Legal recourse for families when a loved one’s death results from another’s negligence or misconduct, focusing on compensating for their financial and emotional losses.

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“Matt is a great attorney. He was very kind and compassionate. I could tell right away that he cares deeply for his clients and their loved ones. Over the course of two years, he never failed to answer my questions (trust me when I tell you I had a lot) or to keep me updated on my case. Matt is trustworthy, dependable and timely. He will go the extra mile to get the job done.”

S. Tran

Case settled for $355,000

"Matt is undoubtedly the perfect balance you need in a lawyer – kind, thorough, responsive and genuine, but we know he fought hard for our case. We highly recommend him.”

V. Rodriguez

Case settled for $1,000,000 policy limits

"Matt did the leg work to build my case and show the defense attorneys that their client was liable. We settled for an amount beyond my expectations. Matt also did a great job of getting reductions on the owed medical liens. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone needing a smart, hard-working, and responsive attorney.”

M. Goldberg

Case settled for $250,000

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